Friday, June 1, 2007

Dystopia Essay #1

When I finished reading Fahrenheit 451 a lot of things about our society became clear to me. The author is trying to warn us of our technology. He’s saying we can’t always count on our inventors to make things to improve our country. I hope that our world doesn’t end up like the one in Fahrenheit. When people think of the future we think of flying cars and robots and machines everywhere. Our society doesn’t need robots or things like that. Advancing technology is great but something it could be taking too far and could make things terrible. One way the government suppresses Montags freedom is when he wants to find out the truth of firemen. Montag loved his job and wanted to really know about firemen. When someone told him that firemen use to put out fire instead of starting them he was very confused. He wanted to know the truth but they refused to tell him. The author did a great job warning the readers about technology. If the world advanced like that and people stopped reading it would be very wierd. I want things to stay the same but still have technical advancments but I dont want people to burn books.

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Miller said...

Eric: I agree that we need technological advancements in our world, but hope that we never let them take over our lives like it does in Fahrenheit 451.

Bradbury is still alive today. What might he think of us using technology like this - blogging and commenting - to take the place of some in-class discussions?