Friday, June 1, 2007

Dystopia Essay #2

Reading this book was painful but it definitely reminded me of our world. It does relate to the world today in some ways. The people in the book were mostly getting taking over by technology. The people in the book don’t always think for themselves, just like some people in our community. It’s weird how the book is suppose to be a dystopia but people in our world our like that too. Montag was made to think that people burn books and aren’t suppose to read. No one should be told if they can or can not read. One part of the story I tought was completely different from the world today was when Montag asked a woman how her children were. In the world today if the lady didn’t have children she would just say she didn’t have any politely. But instead the lady had a hissyfit and said, "You know I haven't any! No one in his right mind, the good Lord knows wouldn’t have children" (96). I would hate to live in the world of Fahrenheit 451.

Dystopia Essay #1

When I finished reading Fahrenheit 451 a lot of things about our society became clear to me. The author is trying to warn us of our technology. He’s saying we can’t always count on our inventors to make things to improve our country. I hope that our world doesn’t end up like the one in Fahrenheit. When people think of the future we think of flying cars and robots and machines everywhere. Our society doesn’t need robots or things like that. Advancing technology is great but something it could be taking too far and could make things terrible. One way the government suppresses Montags freedom is when he wants to find out the truth of firemen. Montag loved his job and wanted to really know about firemen. When someone told him that firemen use to put out fire instead of starting them he was very confused. He wanted to know the truth but they refused to tell him. The author did a great job warning the readers about technology. If the world advanced like that and people stopped reading it would be very wierd. I want things to stay the same but still have technical advancments but I dont want people to burn books.