Friday, May 25, 2007

safe blogging =)~

blogging all though fun and knowledgable could be very dangerous at time. Posting your full name could attract strangers and possibly people that want to rape you(katharine). There a lot sick people out there that might want to try to kidnap you. Blogging is a great time and I feel that we should use it in every class. Make sure to not put your school name or your adress!! HEHEHEHE


Miller said...

Eric: I'm glad you are posting about safe blogging. However, you must remember that this blog is a class assignment, and this posting is not entirely appropriate for the assignment. I hope that you will edit and revise to make it acceptable for class.

George's Blog said...

Eric, I definitely agree and feel that Katharine is a dangerous predator. Watch out, make sure you don't give any personal information away because she'll get you. Be sure to practice safe blogging!